Tories nixe their own Abortion motion

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New Brunswick Right to Life says December 18, 2014 will go down as a dark day in New Brunswick history. It is the day the Legislative Assembly refused to debate a historic change in provincial abortion policy – a change the association maintains will result in tax-funded abortion on demand.

“Members had a window today to consider the plight of thousands of preborn children and vulnerable women whose lives will be put at risk by the pending removal of abortion restrictions January 1,” said executive director Peter Ryan. “Most chose to slam that window shut. To use a biblical term, they hardened their hearts. Innocent children will die as a result. That’s why it was such a dark day.”

The association maintains tax-funded abortion on demand – the practical effect of the planned changes – is something “not required by law, and contrary to good medicine, the will of New Brunwickers, and the tenets of morality.”

Mr. Ryan said it was appalling to hear the lame excuses some members used in the Legislature to defend the new policy. “We heard the statement ‘a woman’s right to choose is the law’ ad nauseam,” he said. “That statement is a lie. The members should know better. To hang your hat on a lie is shameful. Such a statement would be laughable except its consequence is fatal for many children in this province,” he said.

Ryan said those supporting this policy, “which will make New Brunswick a pro-abortion province, will have a deep stain on their reputations that will follow them the rest of their lives, if they do not have a change of heart.”

The association is not going away once the policy takes effect, Ryan pointed out. “Our voice for life is more needed than ever.” The group is asking supporters to keep their porch or Christmas lights on all night Dec. 28-Jan. 2 “as a sign of solidarity with babies and mothers.”

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