Tory Opposition Leader Bruce Fitch concerned with timely transparency of Legislation

Bruce Fitch has expressed disappointment and concern with Premier Brian Gallant's reply to the open letter Fitch sent Premier Gallant on December 19th. In that letter Fitch reminded the Premier of his commitment to develop policy in an open, transparent and collaborative fashion.


"I asked the Premier to provide details on three regulations, two of which came into effect on January 1st , allowing the public and MLAs to examine them and provide feedback. I also requested that the Premier direct details of these and other proposed regulations to be published on the government's Public review of draft regulations webpage. This was an accountability measure implemented by the former Progressive Conservative government. The reply I received from the Premier leads me to believe that his commitment to openness and transparency is hollow - nothing more than words in his rehearsed comments."


The publication of details requested concerned the Premier's ban on fracking, change to abortion services and increase to minimum wage have yet to be revealed.


From the tone of his letter it appears the Premier intends to pass laws and regulations in as much secrecy as possible and use attacks on the former government to divert attention from his own shortcomings.


This is not what our province needs. The Premier must appreciate the gravity of our situation and resolve to raise the debate and lower his rhetoric. "Once again I remind our Premier that he made a commitment to develop the policies of his government in an open, transparent and collaborative fashion. Anything less would amount to yet another broken promise by Premier Gallant," said Fitch.


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